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Use AI to Build AI is the first deep learning platform that assumes no knowledge of AI from its users. By automating every step of the AI development cycle, is making AI more accessible to businesses all over the world, regardless of their size or technical capability. The efficiency that comes along with the automated process has transformed how AI projects are planned and implemented in businesses. This AI revolution has encouraged a new breed of applications like we have never seen before.

To help you on your journey to the world of AI, we have compiled documents and tutorials that cover the entire development cycle of AI projects.


If you are trying out AI for the first time, we recommend our step-by-step walkthrough. Through both video and images, we demonstrate every part of using to make an AI model, from uploading your data to interpreting the results:

These guides can help explain the various prediction tasks we support and how to understand their outcomes:

For a general guideline on the format of data the platform accepts, read these documents: supports exporting trained models as Restful APIs in just a few clicks. To see the actual steps to activate an API, and example Python code to use APIs, please read our API documentation:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here:

Case Studies

From customer acquisition and retention to quality control, AI can help your business in countless ways. If you are unsure about how an automated AI platform can help your business, or curious as to what other customers have been using for, browse through our case studies.

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