OneClick Forecast

State-of-the-art demand forecasting and demand sensing on every SKU, at every store, any channel and any time horizon.

The proven capability to tackle the top challenging forecasting tasks: demand sensing, promotional modeling, and new product introduction.

Examine every possible business driving factors and continuously monitor KPI metrics change.

Demand Forecasting Analytics

A Turn-Key Experience

Augmented Forecast never stops. It works on the data streams to provide forecasts in real time. Businesses can anticipate ever-changing market dynamics, optimize their operations and improve customer satisfaction in advance.

Multi-Stream Inputs

Our powerful forecasting engine enables users to feed in multiple inputs streams simultaneously to do forecasting: transactions, product page impressions, clicks, weather, social sentiments and more.

Multi-stream Inputs
Automated Machine Learning

Machine learning

Solve complex forecasting problem with state of the art automated machine learning and automated deep learning models. Compare their performance against  statistical methods.

What-if Analysis

Perform business simulation with any driver you define including promotion, price, campaign type, marketing budget, macroeconomic indicators, weather and more.

What-if Analysis
Impactful Causal Signals with External Data

External Signals

Combine your internal data with abundant external ones like weather, macroeconomic
indicators, events and more to boost forecast accuracy and automatically discover impactful signals from
thousands of sources.

Business Benefits

Accurate demand forecast is an essential element of a well optimized supply chain. It’s vital to reduce lost sales and waste, increase inventory turnover rate, manage price optimization strategy, and optimize production planning.


Inventory Safety Stock Level Reduction


Stock-outs Reduction


Forecast accuracy improvement

OneClick Forecast Brings Forecasting to A New Level

Optimized Demand Forecasting

Demand Sensing applies advanced AI algorithms to massive data to detect the driving demand signals that reflect what’s actually happening in your business - not what you hope will happen.

Unified Planning

Optimized Planning

Leverage unmatched forecast accuracy to reduce bullwhip effect and optimize downstream processes: replenishment, assortment, promotion, pricing and workforce planning.

Predictive Planning

Short and Long Term Predictive Planning

 Optimize planning with understanding of the demand driving forces. Ensure sales and marketing empowered with best predictive planning strategy that can produce optimal business outcomes.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable Analytics

Users will be notified automatically with flagged items like forecast exceptions and outliers. Evaluating forecasting variance and consistency wouldn't be easier with our unique back-testing strategy.

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Pricing is based on the product features, number of products and users you want. We offer pricing tiers that give flexibility and allow you to grow.

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