Know What is Beyond: Augmented Forecasting for Business Demand and Growth

Operationalizing AI in Business Forecasting and Planning for Radical Efficiency with Products

What is Augmented Forecasting? augmented forecasting uses advanced machine learning to uncover the complex demand patterns within your business data along with external signals like events, weather, markets, macro-economics and social media, turning data visibility into actionable insights and improved ROI.

OneClick Augmented Forecast

State-of-the-art demand forecasting and demand sensing on every product, brand new or existing, at every store, any channel and any time horizon, short, mid or long term. Empowering business planners and marketers to innovate and capture market demand changes in real time.

Forecast Gain
OneClick Demand Forecasting
Dynamic Pricing Impact
Dynamic Pricing Analytics
Oneclick Dynamic Pricing Metrics

OneClick Dynamic Pricing

AI powered price optimization and promotion strategies for retail and online stores. This product considers all of the driving factors in your business to quantify the promotion and price impact, turning tedious manual reconciliations to full automation.

OneClick Enterprise AutoML Platform

Augment and accelerate data science adoption in your business with automated deep learning and automated machine learning, turning data into business insights within a few clicks and hours.

OneClick Enterprise AutoML Platform

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