OneClick Enterprise AI Platform

Accelerate AI adoption with automated deep learning and automated machine learning.

Go from raw data to production grade models and business insights within a few hours to streamline end-to-end AI automation.

Oneclick Automated Deep Learning
Automated Machine Learning Inputs

Data Versatility and Scale

Streamlined both structured and unstructured data processing: numeric, time series, text, image or any combination.

Automated Deep Learning

Go from raw data to production-grade models to streamline AI automation. Our neural network architecture search algorithm to find the optimal model to extract insights from your data.

Automated Deep Learning
Oneclick Deployment

Managed Deployment

With 1 click deployment, our centralized deployment architecture unlocks optimal cluster usage to make room for growth.

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Pricing is based on the data size, product features, and number of users you want. We offer pricing tiers that give flexibility and allow you to grow.

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