[Webinar] Increase Profits with Auto-Generated AI Models for Advanced Time Series Forecasting


Are you tasked with incorporating AI into business strategy and planning? Our new AutoML platform automatically builds AI forecasting models with 90%+ accuracy — just upload your data and we’ll do the work for you.

In this webinar recording, OneClick.ai Co-founder and CEO Yuan Shen provides an overview of how the platform simultaneously supports thousands of time sequences, taking into account mixed data types and variety of factors at once.

The platform generates models that factor in seasonal effects, holidays, product promotions, marketing, sales targets, rebates, product life cycles, and competition between similar products, giving your business the power of AI without the development time.

Leaders from industries like Retail and CPG are turning to these advanced forecasting models from OneClick.ai to:

  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Reduce inventory
  • Generate precise predictions of in-store traffic for better staffing
  • Estimate the impact of promotional event sales

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Yuan Shen, Co-founder and CEO @ OneClick.ai

Yuan is the founder of OneClick.ai, a leading platform in automating AI model design and deployment. His mission is to make AI accessible to everyone. Yuan has more than 10 years of experience in Machine Learning across multiple industries from teaching computers to detect tumors in the CT images, building image search engines, serving relevant online advertisements to making e-commerce selling easy and efficient. Before OneClick.ai, Yuan worked at Microsoft and eBay.

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