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Software Developer-Artificial Intelligent/Machine Learning


Responsible for developing and testing computer software applications on's cloud-based artificial intelligence (ai) platform with technologies such as Python, SQL database, Keras, Tensorflow. Communicate with customers, modify current software or implement new machine learning-based solutions to adapt customers business requirements, and generalize machine learning-based solutions in order to improve the platform's functionality and performance.


  • Design and implement scalable data analytics software using distributed computing technologies such as Hive, Hadoop for processing big data in distributed and pipelined fashion.
  • Maintain responsibility for the quality, performance, scalability, and reliability of the products.
  • Conduct experiments and evaluate the performance of the software, investigate bad predictions and implement continuous improvements to artificial intelligence platform through utilizing data analysis, Shell Script, and Python programming.
  • Collaborate with other engineers, researchers to implement, deploy, and test the machine learning algorithms using Python, Keras, Tensorflow, and mathematical analysis.
  • Consult with customers and document customers business requirement, project status or technical issues.
  • Analyze customers data by using SQL and Python to determine, recommend, and implement machine learning algorithms.
  • Guide customers best practice of using current software and modify Oneclick.ais platform using software developing technologies to fit customers’ needs.



  • Master's Degree in Computer Science, Math, or Physics


  • One year of end-to-end experience with real time artificial intelligence software development, building complex machine learning models and algorithms, and deploying them in real-time production environments
  • One year of experience working with data processing (etl) using Hadoop/Spark/Hive or similar cluster computing platforms.
  • One year of experience using docker container in development environments.
  • One year of experience using SQL to do data processing and data analysis.

Location: 1000 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

To Apply: Interested candidates should mail a cover letter and resume to Attn: Yuan SHEN, 1000 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005.