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Yuan Shen

An entrepreneur with 10 year experience in various AI fields, including medical imaging, vision, search, ads, and e-commerce.

Ning Jiang

Previously Dev Manager at Microsoft Bing, Ning has over 15 years of R&D experience in AI for ads, search, and security.

OneClick.ai is the first AI platform that assumes no knowledge of AI from its users. By automating every step of the AI development cycle, OneClick.ai is boosting productivity and making AI more accessible to non-tech industries. The efficiency that comes along with the automated process has transformed how AI projects are planned and implemented in businesses. This AI revolution has encouraged a new breed of applications like we have never seen before. Together, we are working towards a world of pervasive AI.



U.S. based arm of venture fund estabrished by Kai-Fu Lee, Ph.D. former head of Google China