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new_product Launches AI-Powered Augmented Forecast to Empower Companies to Make Smarter and Faster Decisions

Seattle, WA. – May 18th, 2020 –, the pioneering architect of automated deep learning, announced today the release of its new Augmented Forecast product. Delivered via a software-as-a-service, OneClick Augmented Forecast provides a state of the art forecasting capability on every SKU, every store, every channel, and any time horizon. The front line business people can quickly capture the future demand of their business, reduce bullwhip effect and optimize downstream processes: replenishment, assortment, promotion, pricing, and workforce planning.

Until now, time series forecasting problems are one of the most difficult problems in real life as there are many unpredictables caused by complex temporal dependencies. Traditionally, time series forecasting has been dominated by linear methods like ARMIA because they are well understood and effective on many simpler forecasting problems. For a retailer like Amazon, who is selling over 600 million products on its platform, only less than 0.1% of products have relatively smooth demand pattern. The rest are highly variable and intermittent, making the current forecasting tools and solutions incapable to solve hard problems.

In the era of big data, we have far more information to consume than before. Not only the transaction data from ERP or database system, information around product description, attributes, customer online shopping behaviors like clicks, adding to the shopping carts, review and tons of external data like weather, local events, macro-economic factors make forecasting task even more challenging.

OneClick Forecast is equipped with six key capabilities to accelerate and democratize better forecasting and planning across a company. Capabilities include:

  • Multiple inputs – a differentiating ability to process multi-streams simultaneously to learn the forecasting model: transactions, product page impressions, clicks, weather, social sentiments and more.
  • Finer granularity – we apply advanced AI algorithms to massive data, giving you forecast visibility at any store, channel, SKU, month, week, day, intraday or any granular level you can define.
  • Fully autonomous – holiday, seasonality, trends, missing values, outliers can be managed automatically by the product without necessarily having users to input.
  • Powered by deep learning – the advanced AI algorithm can automatically learn arbitrary complex mappings from inputs to outputs and support multiple inputs and outputs.
  • What-if analysis – Scratching your head if changing the price and promotion would increase the revenue? Use AI-powered simulation tool to test out various future scenarios.
  • Real time monitoring and alertmonitor forecast exception and variance in real time for lightning-fast detection of the abnormality that would impact your revenue.

OneClick Forecast beta customers, including global CPG and electronics manufacturers, have quickly built accurate models for demand and financial forecasting – all without the need for manual and lengthy forecasting and specialized data science expertise.

About delivers the science behind the forecasting for business demand and growth. Our augmented forecasting uses advanced machine learning to automatically uncover the complex demand patterns within large scale business data along with external ones, turning data visibility into actionable insights. This pioneering technology is trusted by industry leaders across consumer packing goods, retail, electronic manufacturing and more. Our mission is to accelerate AI adoption and operationalization in business forecasting and planning for radical efficiency.

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