Predictive Maintenance

What it is:

OneClick Predictive Maintenance delivers precise and optimized maintenance schedules for your business. Typical maintenance strategies can be inefficient and wasteful, resulting in lost time from service interruptions or lost money in unnecessary operation costs. Predictive Maintenance, on the other hand, detects potential pitfalls and failure points at the earliest possible moment.

What it does:

OneClick Predictive Maintenance’s automated machine learning engine takes in and processes all the relevant historical data—machine degradation patterns, repair history, and so on. It then provides comprehensive insight and spot-on forecasts into maximizing returns on assets, along with minimizing untimely losses of capital. Give your business the upper edge and turn inevitable casualties into avoidable mishaps, with 10-15% increased accuracy compared to other vendors.

OneClick Predictive Maintenance Inputs

Internal Data:

  • Sensor data
  • Device attributes
  • Maintenance calendar and logs
  • Downtime events

External Data:

  • Weather
  • Geolocation
File search and analysis

Key Features

Real-Time Anomaly Detection

Detect complex patterns of production anomalies as they happen

Real-Time Failure Prediction

Proactively access asset condition, failure probabilities and their impact on production

Cause and Effect

Uncover the site and cause of failures with precision—whether they be component-level, sensor-level, and so on

Performance Tracking, Benchmarking, and Ranking

Rank individual assets based on probability of failure and resulting business impact—measure with intuitive KPIs such as probability of failure (PoF), mean time to failure (MTTF), and risk score (combining PoF with economic impact of failure)

Maintenance Recommendation

Determine optimal maintenance schedules to maximize value

Predictions Powered by Automated Deep Learning

Utilize the power of our best-in-class forecasting model—all the benefits of advanced AI technology, none of the hassle


10 - 25% reduction in equipment downtime
5 - 30% reduction in maintenance costs

The future of AI starts now

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