Dynamic Pricing

What it is:

OneClick.ai Dynamic Pricing delivers customized, proactive, and scientifically-backed pricing suggestions that adapt across real time.

How it works:

OneClick.ai Dynamic Pricing revolutionizes the retail pricing process through advanced machine learning that continuously incorporates incoming transaction data according to real-time demand. It provides retailers with around-the-clock assessment of vital figures that are constantly in flux, such as optimal price anchors or price elasticity measures. Markets change from moment to moment, so why settle for outdated, immobile rule-based price recommendation tools? Ditch the blunt tools and raise your profit margins with our cutting-edge AI solution that moves at the speed of your business.

OneClick Dynamic Pricing Inputs

Internal Data:

  • Transactions
  • Product attributes like material, style, color, description and more
  • Store level inventory
  • Store attributes like geo, area, store type and more

External Data:

  • Competitors
  • Events
  • Weather
  • Macroeconomics
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Key Features

New Product Planning

Introduce new products with keen insight—know the ideal market conditions and key starting points for an optimal product launch

Real-Time Pricing

Daily, weekly, monthly—get optimal price recommendations for any length of time, which update as you go


Restock proactively according to continual processing of day-to-day sales and shifts in demand

Trending Product Prediction

Discover product trends in advance to optimize production and redistribution

Powered by Automated Deep Learning

Utilize the power of our best-in-class forecasting model—all the benefits of advanced AI technology, none of the hassle


3% - 10% increase in profit

The future of AI starts now

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