Demand Forecasting

What it is:

OneClick Forecast technology is an automated machine learning engine that predicts and optimizes demand for every item on your SKU portfolio. It also maximizes work time efficiency by freeing demand planners from the burdensome task of learning the ins and outs of algorithms.

How it works:

OneClick Forecast takes in data on sales, inventory, marketing, and any other category of your choosing. Its up-close and in-depth data processing then automatically generates accurate demand forecasts and delivers actionable insights on products, revealing the items that will fly off the shelves, and the ones that could be unforeseen slow-movers. Gain clarity on your key market drivers, miss fewer sales with improved fill rates. OneClick Forecast gives you the information you need to make better pricing, trading, and planning decisions overall.

OneClick Forecast Inputs

Internal Data:

  • ERP, CRM
  • Promo calendar
  • Product meta and property information
  • Historical marketing spending and sales target

External Data:

  • POS/Survey
  • Competitors
  • Events
  • Weather
  • Macroeconomis
File search and analysis
Explaining Business Strategies

Key Features

Real-Time Forecasting

Put yourself ahead of the curve with around-the-clock forecast updates

Early Detection

Detect risks and opportunities from unexpected shifts in demand

What-If Analysis

Test out possible business scenarios beforehand—know the effects of every option, and which road to take to maximize ROI

Predictions Powered by Automated Deep Learning

Utilize the power of our best-in-class forecasting model—all the benefits of advanced AI technology, none of the hassle


90 - 98% accuracy for market-level and portfolio-level demand forecasts
5 - 30% accuracy increase for item-level and DC-level forecasts
5 - 15% decrease in safety stock levels

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