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Table of Contents Introduction Step 1: The Data Step 2: Creating a Task Step 3: Model Training and Testing Step 4: Review Models Step 5:


Forecasting is the process of using historical data to predict the future. It is commonly used to predict future sales or demand so that business


Classification is the most common type of AI task. It is effectively the action or process of classifying something according to its qualities or characteristics.

Numeric Prediction (Regression)

Numeric prediction, also known as Regression, predicts a numeric output value using training data. It is effectively used to predict a continuous numeric value, like price

Formatting Data for AI Training and Modeling

Data is an extremely important part of the AI training and modeling process. The quality and format of the data are directly linked to the quality

Accessing Models through API

Please view the OneClick Platform Walkthrough before reading this article. supports the easy exporting of any model created through the use of our AI

Forecasting vs Regression

Both forecasting and regression can be used to predict quantities in a future transaction and can be applied to different scenarios. We will use sales forecasting FAQ

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Predicting Insurance Risk

Risk Brackets and Data Insurance companies spend a large part of their effort on calculating the rates to give each customer based on their insurance