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Data Scientist

Despite the huge excitement AI has brought to the world, the real-world AI development more often than not involves failed experiments, long hours of frustration, and months of tedious work to deal with feature engineering, parameter tuning and deployment.

At, we believe much of the frustration can be avoided. is the first platform that delivers customized AI models designed by AI. Our proprietary algorithms look really hard into customers’ data for the underlying structures and use the insight to guide the automated process of data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model customization. This approach is revolutionary and has led to unmatched accuracy in many experiments, with only tiny fraction of time and efforts.

We believe in our unique approach and you are invited to join us in the effort to revolutionize the industry. You will be working with some of the best scientists and engineers to bring state of the art algorithms into the platform. You will be exposed to the most challenging AI tasks, and your solutions have the potential to make lasting impact on thousands of businesses.

The ideal candidates have the following skills:


  • End-to-end experience building and deploying machine learning applications
  • PhD in Computer Science, Math, or Physics or 5+ years equivalent industry experience
  • Experience with deep learning and geospatial data science
  • Experience working with both structured and unstructured datasets
  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills


  • Experience in Python and Java are highly desirable
  • Experience in participating Machine Learning contests, e.g. Kaggle/KDDCup
  • Experience in TensorFlow