Use AI to Build AI

The faster and easier way to build and deploy high-performing customized AI models — no coding required.

Idea to Production in a Day

Get your data ready and we will take care of the rest. With a few clicks, the platform automatically designs, builds, and deploys AI models as a scalable API that can be accessed from anywhere.

Put the Textbook Away

Your time is better spent on gaining insight into your business. We worked hard to build the latest technologies into the platform so that our users don't have to be concerned with technical details.

Built for Deep Learning

Every deep learning model needs to be carefully crafted to work well. We are pioneers in learning deep architectures. Our proprietary algorithms design deep learning models using every finest clue hidden in your data. We then iterate to improve the designs leveraging enormous computing resources available in the cloud. This is a process that can hardly be replicated manually even with experienced hands.

Why Switch to


Time to Production


Engineering Cost


Operational Cost


Higher Productivity


Prediction and Forecasting
Whether it is to predict customer retention, forecast future sales, or estimate production defect rates, is the fastest way to go.
From categorizing user feedback and routing customer service calls to detecting network attacks, our classification algorithms work with few labeled examples.
Recommendation and Search
Providing your customers personalized content based on their explicit and implicit intent. This is the easiest way to give your business a boost.
Our deep learning vision algorithms make building vision applications a breeze for tasks like counting inventory, tracking in-store traffic or detecting actions.



Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting allows businesses to plan for the future and be prepared to meet demands and maximize profits. By knowing the demand, production and supply can be managed more effectively to drive business. However manual methods involving spreadsheets with statistics is usually biased and not accurate.
OneClick Forecast simplifies sales forecasting by automatically applying various time series Machine Learning models to historical daily, weekly, or monthly data. In this case study, learn how one of the Top 10 global dairy producers used to increase the accuracy of its daily sales forecast for thousands of SKUs.

"The ability to have plain text for promotions alongside prior sales—or really whatever other data we want—is a game changer. Another game changer with OneClick is that the various models are built and tested, and the results are provided based on the best model. With many other tools you have to select the model yourself."
- Senior Manager, Demand Planning Newsletter

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